Meet The Bootmakers:
Following in the footsteps of a Family Tradition.

It takes a long time to develop the kind of craftsmanship, care and attention to detail that goes into Australia's finest boots. At Rossi Boots it all started nearly 90 years ago.

Arthur Edward Rossiter founded Rossiter's Pty Ltd in 1910, working from a small tin shed in his backyard, he was in fact starting an organisation that would continue to produce quality boots for many decades.

It's this heritage and quality of workmanship passed down through three generations that has been instrumental to the longevity and success of Rossiter's Pty Ltd. Today, members of the Rossiter family are still actively involved and so too are the descendants of original Rossiter employees.

At Rossi Boots, we pride ourselves on offering uncompromising quality and value for money. There are no short cuts to quality, and we always endeavour to select and use the finest materials to ensure that each boot is constructed to perform beyond expectations.

In the early days, Rossi Boots were major suppliers to the military. As our reputation spread, we were constantly asked to develop specialised designs for sportspeople. Rossi cricket and football boots were famous for their fit and durability. This expertise has stood us in great stead, because today, we offer a range of superbly crafted footwear of which we are extremely proud.

Rossi Boots continue to keep "in step" with the ever changing lifestyles of our customers too. Today, just about anything you do, you can do in a Rossi boot and now Rossi shoes.

Rossi Boots are available in every state of Australia and are fast becoming a brand of international repute. The hugely diverse Australian climate and landscape requires comfortable, quality products with outstanding durability. Australia has come to depend on Rossi for "comfort for the long run", and you can too. Our modern and well equipped factory situated in Hilton, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia, combines tried and true blue craftsmanship with state of the art technology. Our up to date facility provides our customers with the superior quality that is synonymous with the Rossi Boots brand name.

The factory may be a marked improvement from our days in the backyard workshop, but our values and work ethic still remain the same. It's our pride, care and attention to detail that makes such a big difference to every boot we make... it's a difference that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Follow in the footsteps of a tradition that has quality stamped all over it... follow Rossi Boots into the future.